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News at Our Lady of Mount Carmel

2023 Diocesan Appeal

“Receive the Holy Spirit!” The words spoken to the Apostles on that first day of the week are spoken to us as we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost – The Birth of the Church. Throughout the Easter season, we have journeyed week after week with the Acts of the Apostles – the work of the early Church. We are called to model ourselves after their labors: to increase the number of believers, to devote ourselves to the sharing of the Word, and to be of service to others so that no one goes without. One of the opportunities provided for us to model that attribute of the early Church’s care for those in need is through the Annual Diocesan Appeal: One in Hope, One in Mission. A little over a week ago, we reached the $3,000,000 mark in our $4,000,000 Appeal goal. While this is great news, the last million is always the hardest to raise. To date, our parish family has pledged $35,889 toward our parish goal of $57,400. Recently, letters went out to 4,000 households who made a gift last year but have not yet done so this year. We are already receiving wonderful responses to that request. If you received one of those letters, please take some time to prayerfully reflect on your ability to make a gift. Every gift of any amount helps put us closer to the goal. On behalf of Bishop Bonnar and those served by the Appeal, thank you to everyone who has already made a gift and to those who are prayerfully considering their gift. As members of the One Church – Happy Birthday! May the Spirit of God dwell in and through us every day. You can make a gift by Clicking Here.

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