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With the unveiling of the plans for our new Parish Family Center at our Feast Day Mass with Bishop Murry, we are also working on the plans for the Project 20120 - A Vision for the Future Capital Campaign. The general phase of the campaign will begin in September. However, we are overjoyed that the Blessed Mother Society has pledged $125,000 toward the sponsorship of the Daily Mass Chapel. Additionally, we are looking for individuals or families willing to sponsor one of the six classrooms in the educational center of the complex. The cost of sponsorship for a classroom is $25,000 (to be paid over a four year plan). The sponsorship will include the designated name on the door of the classroom, along with 12" high letter on the wall of the classroom itself. To demonstrate my personal commitment to this project, and the future of the parish, I am making the first pledge of $25,000 to name a classroom after my late sister, Wendy. I thank you for your incredible hospitality in welcoming me as part of this great parish, and desire nothing more than to work together to build up our parish, our community, and the future of our sharing the faith for generations to come. I eagerly look forward to five additional persons or families in sponsoring a classroom in our new Parish Family Center. In coming weeks, we will announce other levels of giving for the Parish Family Center. May God continue to bless us in this new endeavor under the intercession of Saint Simon Stock and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
From the Pastor...
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the incredible acts of generosity and show of support toward our proposed Parish Family Center. With the announcement on the weekend of 7/23/17 of the opportunity to sponsor the classrooms in the parish center, I was overwhelmed to have all of the classrooms sponsored by midweek. I am currently discussing other areas of sponsorship with some of our parish members. I look forward to making known the families who have come together to sponsor the various areas of the building, and then begin the general phase of the campaign by Labor Day. Please take some time to pray over how God has blessed each of our families, and our parish family as we unite in creating a strong and vibrant future for our Parish, our community, and ultimately, the Kingdom of God. Through the intercessions of Saint Simon Stock and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, may our prayers be brought to the Heart of our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

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