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Sometimes, two completely separate events can come together to create something truly beautiful. I trust many of you will agree that is what has happened here. First – the two events. [1] On the weekend of February 24th & 25th, I spoke about the importance of praying for the dead, and in particular, the importance of Mass Intentions. I mentioned how sad it is when particular Masses are no longer offered by family members. While there is the opportunity to enroll people in the Scared Heart Society, this is an annual enrollment, renewable each fall for the coming year.             [2] The following Monday, I met with our Young at Heart group, and provided a talk about the stained glass windows of the Church, offering some historical aspects as to why particular windows were chosen for the building during the time of construction in the 1920’s. At that time, I also mentioned the addition of the six statues of saints located in the upper portion of the nave, and how prior to the 1967 renovation, those six niches were filled with statues of “trumpeting angels”. Now, with regard to the first matter, some people questioned if there is the possibility of a perpetual enrollment for Mass Intentions; and with regard to the second, some people have asked if we would ever add the trumpeting angels back to the Church. So here is where two events come together to create something truly beautiful, and lasting.

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