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In one of my favorite movies, “The Lion in Winter”, there is a scene where King Henry II of England moves a small piece of hair from the young Princess of France, Alyse, saying, “Let’s have one strand askew – nothing in life has any business being perfect”. The intermittent rain last Sunday evening was our “one strand askew”, but otherwise, everything was PERFECT! Before I get into the numbers, I once again want to thank everyone who worked so tirelessly. Without your love of and dedication to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, none of this success would have been possible. While everything this year worked in our favor (a different weekend for the Trumbull County Fair; the Girard fest ending two days before we began; along with almost perfect weather) the two constants I heard from people were the wonderful food and generous hospitality of everyone on the festival grounds. YOU, my dear family of 
Mount Carmel, made all the difference, and I thank you! A huge thank you also to the members of the Niles McKinley High School Key Club. These young people worked all throughout the five days and we could not have been as successful without their great assistance in all our booths. 
Now the results: First, we achieved record breaking days on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, and nearly broke the daily record for Sunday (even in the rain). We set a record day for the lunch-time hours, and set records in almost every booth on the grounds. Once all of the bills are accounted for, I will include in the bulletin the complete report, as has been done 
over the past six years. Until then, here is an accounting of the gross income per day, and a total for 2018 festival: 
   Wednesday  $70,231,74
   Thursday      $66,936.79
   Friday           $80,325.64 (all time record)
   Saturday      $72,235.70
   Sunday        $64,913.00
With the addition of the pre-sale Grand Prize Raffle tickets, and the Bocce and Entertainment tent sponsorships, the total gross amount for the 2018 Festival to date is: $391,275.00. This is $53,867.00 more than our previous record set in 2015 and $63,800.00 more than last year. Absolutely incredible!
I also want to take this time to congratulate those individuals who won prizes at the 2018 Festival. There were six people who were on the festival grounds when their names were called for the hourly drawing, and each won $50.00. They were:
   James Coates, III; Nunzio & Maria Merlo; Elsa Cerbara;
   Joe Merlo; Debrah Kulusich and Adrian Biviano.
The winners in the grand prize drawing were:
   3rd Prize ($500)           James Coates, III
   2nd Prize ($1,000)        Anthony & Vicki Ricci
   Grand Prize ($25,000) Angel Ricculli & Michael Ciolli
As mentioned, once a thorough accounting of the expenses is done, we will publish the net profits for the festival. I am confident that, even with some increases in food costs, we will certainly make a record profit this year. I am equally confident that this will translate into an ability to give $26,000.00 to the various charitable activities we support throughout the coming year. Again, thank you and God bless you all!! 
Father Lavelle

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Family Center



From the moment you step inside, the first thing you will notice is an entirely barrier free building. Stretching over 21,000 square feet "up the alley", the Mount Carmel Parish Family Center offers opportunities for prayer, education service and social gatherings. Beginning with the entrance way, there is a coat room to the right, as well as the daily Mass chapel to the left. Sponsored by our parish's Blessed Mother Society, this chapel will provide a sacred space for daily Mass, as well as other prayer experiences for our religious education students and parishioners alike. Directly ahead is the 400+ seat social hall, complete with two bar areas and an accessible staging area. Beyond the hall is a state of the art catering kitchen - designed to accommodate our festival preparation, parish dinners, and a variety of other events. Complete with ample restroom facilities and storage space, the complex then moves into a series of classrooms, which, with moveable walls, can be converted into larger meeting spaces. At the opposite end of the building is the religious education entrance, including offices, a space dedicated to youth and young adults, as well as additional storage space. Truly a structure which will allow us the opportunity to worship, educate, serve and celebrate as a parish family for generations to come. Let us work together to continue the incredible legacy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish!

Click Here for New Parish Family Center Brochure

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Choir of Angels Society

Sometimes, two completely separate events can come together to create something truly beautiful. I trust many of you will agree that is what has happened here. First – the two events. [1] On the weekend of February 24th & 25th, I spoke about the importance of praying for the dead, and in particular, the importance of Mass Intentions. I mentioned how sad it is when particular Masses are no longer offered by family members. While there is the opportunity to enroll people in the Scared Heart Society, this is an annual enrollment, renewable each fall for the coming year.             [2] The following Monday, I met with our Young at Heart group, and provided a talk about the stained glass windows of the Church, offering some historical aspects as to why particular windows were chosen for the building during the time of construction in the 1920’s. At that time, I also mentioned the addition of the six statues of saints located in the upper portion of the nave, and how prior to the 1967 renovation, those six niches were filled with statues of “trumpeting angels”. Now, with regard to the first matter, some people questioned if there is the possibility of a perpetual enrollment for Mass Intentions; and with regard to the second, some people have asked if we would ever add the trumpeting angels back to the Church. So here is where two events come together to create something truly beautiful, and lasting.

2018 Bishop's Appeal

Changing Lives…One Family at a Time

Thank you to everyone who has made a generous commitment to the 2018 Bishop’s Appeal. We ar
e at 102% of our parish goal of $49,081.00. This is fantastic. The general phase of the appeal concludes on Pentecost – May 20th, so if you have not yet made a pledge to the appeal, and would like to do so, please log on to www.doy.org and click on the logo labelled “DONATE”.

Thank you for your support toward the work of charity.

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